Thursday, July 4, 2013

Simplicity 1882 - Muslin part.5 FINISHED!

My dress is finished!

It is not perfect, but I am thrilled with the result! The pattern review will come shortly... Thanks to all the help I got from my sewing friends on the Facebook Sewing Group!
Simplicity 1882 - Muslin Finished!

Back of S1882 - Muslin Finished!

I worked on this muslin part.5 from June 26 to July 20th 2013 :

  • Fixing most of the fit issues by tapering up to 3/4 inch at the middle of the midriff piece on the side seams : DONE!
  • Finish seams around zipper :  DONE!
  • Resew the visible invisible zipper to hide it better (need to press it more, use regular zipper foot instead of cheap plastic one) :  DONE!
  • Steps 27 to 30 - Collar : DONE!
  • Steps 31 to 34 - Neck Facing : DONE!
  • Steps 41 to 44 - Sleeves B : DONE!
  • Steps 48 - Hem : DONE!
Time for part.5 : more than 6 hours...

Next to do :

  • Write Simplicity 1882 pattern review : TO DO 
  • Alter pattern pieces for next version : TO DO
  • Then, sew another one in my blue floral cotton stretch sateen! (summer dress style : no sleeve, no collar, no pocket flaps) Hopefully, the next one will be faster to sew!
Fabric for my next S1882!

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