Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Grey Dress Embroidery

My little guy photo bomb!

Love Birds Embroidery

This is my second embroidery project. I drew on paper the birds similar to what I saw on my computer screen from Urban Threads, but the exact size and shape I wanted.

Embroidery Overview

Then I cut the paper and placed the birds as I liked on my dress and drew around it with a washable pen. I drew straight lines with chalk and a ruler for the wires and machine baste it before embroidering it by hand.
Pink Bird in Split Stitches

I embroidered it while chatting with friends during a kids birthday party, while traveling in a car (not driving, don't worry!) and waiting for an emergency (no appointment) doctor visit. We wait for a VERY long time in Québec without an appointment! It must have taken me about 3 hours for the wires and less than 2 hours for the birds.

French Knots and Blue Stem Stitch

I like the embellishments on an otherwise very plain dress and I wore it all the time during this summer heat wave! I really need more summer dresses... This one is very casual and a little bit short.

Love Birds on Wires

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  1. I love this embroidered detail! This is so great!

  2. Thanks! I was surprised to find embroidery pleasing and calming ; I used to always dread sewing hem by hand... But this is way more fun!