Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Peplum Camisole

Rewarding fast projects - I traced around my favorite camisole (tank top or vest) and added 3/8 inch seam allowances. I love this better because it doesn't require to cut closer to the edge to finish the seams with my overcast stitch and it is exactly the width of my favorite sewing machine foot.

I tried it on, adjust a little the armhole, did a sway back adjustment and took note of the waist to create the peplum version... I just used my waist circumference and the formula : 2 x PI x RADIUS = CIRCUMF.  I decided to do a half circle skirt, so I made my formula with : CIRCUMF = 2 x WAIST. Or if you prefer : RADIUS = WAIST divided by 3.14. And I drew only 45 degree of it, to be cut on fold, twice. A picture is worth a thousand words they say :

Peplum Pattern Piece, cut 2 on fold.

1) I made it first exactly as my favorite camisole, with remnant of a 2$/m knit velvet I bought for an Halloween costume years ago. I forgot all about nap and ended up with it being visibly different for the front and back, Oups! I needed a sway back adjustment : an horizontal dart of 5/8 inch to remove the back wrinkles.

1) Muslin

2) Then I tried my peplum version with the same velvet fabric and liked it enough to sew arm and neck bands on it and wear it. The 10 inch peplum skirt is a little long, but I could hem it shorter eventually...

2) Velvet Peplum

2) Velvet Peplum

3) Finally, I tried to use my leopard kimono tee remnant to see if it would work in a cotton 1-way stretch knit and made the skirt only 8 inch long. The arm and neck band are made of the same velvet strips I already cut for the previous version...
3) Leopard Peplum
3) Leopard Peplum


  1. Montreal meetup in the works for 17th or 24th! If you'd like to join us this time, come over to my blog post and leave a comment. http://anothersewingscientist.blogspot.ca/2013/08/another-montreal-meet-up.html
    See you then :)

  2. 1. Montreal meetup is of PR sewers???
    2. Are you sure you don't major in MATH?? I'm impressed ;D
    Rhonda, who was placed in Grade 2-3 arithmetic RECENTLY :`O
    Warm hug

  3. ah ah Rhonda! 1) You know already, but no, the meet-up is not started by PR, just by talented and friendly seamstress and bloggers! 2) I'm a computer Engineer and had tons of math classes under my sleeves... I still managed to get all tangled in numbers sometimes, usually I buy too much fabric! ;)