Thursday, March 24, 2016

Crystal Blue Fancy Dress

Ma grande fille dans sa robe crystal bleu et mon fils coquin au noeud papillon!

My little 7 years old daughter was not feeling so well the day of the wedding, she had a fever a few days before... But she was a trooper and had a lot of fun anyway! I just do not have much photo of her in her super fancy crystal blue dress at the wedding without her bolero since she was feeling cold...

Pattern : The bodice pattern is the Bridgette Dress (size 6T) from Violet Field Threads Etsy shop. I drafted the cascading Hi-Low full circle skirt with box pleats in the back and pleats in the front, similar to the By Hand London Flora dress.

Here is what she looks like when she is not sick! A real frozen princess rock star!

Frozen Princess Rock Star with an Attitude : Vogue! Vogue! Vogue!

My Bridesmaid Dress

Mélanie & Danny's wedding!

Here is a quick post about the dress I sewed for me when I was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding in September 2015. I didn't include the other bridesmaid nor the groom's family in the pictures since they might not want to be on a blog! It was a gorgeous, casual, rugged, woodsy wedding with the emphasis on the delectable food served at the Auberge Baluchon as both my sister and her husband meet while studying/working in the Restoration business...

I opted to sew a dress I could wear often in a bit more casual fabric but with a classic style. The other bridesmaid wore a poly taffeta strapless dress with a short draped skirt and both groomsmen wore EXACTLY the same outfit. It is so much faster and easier for the men : the groom chose the groomsmen outfit, the groomsmen have totally different body types but wore the exact same size! :O

With my stretch cotton sateen dress, I was very comfortable to pickup kids and runs after them in the fields with my sensible platform shoes!! I had a moment when my bagged skirt lining started showing at the bottom, but I just took 5 minutes to tacked it back in place in the bathroom! ;)

Unfortunately, I forgot to take much picture during the wedding ; always a proof that we had a blast! :D

Patterns :
  • Bodice : Simplicity 1882 with the deep V variation + cut at my natural waist. 
  • Skirt : (Gertie's Bombshell) Burda 5/2011 #122 inner skirt (without the extra draped layer in the front).
Fabrics :
  • Cotton/spandex sateen in a navy 
  • Cotton poplin floral for the bodice lining 
  • Rayon bemberg in navy for the skirt lining, so it wouldn't cling to my pantyhose.
Patterns Changes :
  • I added bra stays at the shoulder.
  • I modified the princess seams at the bust a bit (about 1/4 inch)
  • I changed the skirt lining darts to pleats.
  • I lowered the skirt kick pleat by 2 inches.
  • I aligned the skirt darts with the bodice princess seams.
  • I used 3/8 inch seam allowances.
  • I shorten the hem to knees length (about 20 inches skirt for me).

My father's picture was in her bouquet...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Prendre le thé au musée!


Il y a une exposition intéressante au Musée du Costume et Textiles du Québec : Élégants Après-midis - Thé et exposition. Carmencita et plusieures autres blogueuses couturières des environs de Montréal y seront le Samedi 9 avril à 14h pour une visite toute spéciale de l'exposition!!

RSVP ICI : Invitation officielle sur facebook.

Voici ce qu'ils en disent sur le site du musée :
Parcours d’une élégante propose d’explorer, à travers une expérience singulière et marginale, les différents courants de mode qui ont su influencer le style personnel d’une femme d’exception.
Depuis plusieurs années, cette généreuse donatrice a offert au musée plus de 550 vêtements et accessoires inspirants. L’exposition rassemble 300 artéfacts, composant un éventail d’ensembles raffinés, reflétant son image unique et allurée. Achetée en boutique de luxe ou de seconde main, fabriquée maison ou en atelier spécialisé, chacune des pièces exposées raconte une histoire, celle d’une élégante authentique, curieuse… discrète.

Malheureusement, j'ai un empêchement, mais j'irai visiter cette exposition pendant les heures normales soit le dimanche 15 mai à 14h... On s'y croisera peut-être!?

Au plaisir!

Musée du Costume et textile du Québec

Friday, January 29, 2016

Book Club, Modern Quilts and Montreal

The Forgotten Seamstress

First book proposed by the Colette Book Club

Hello, I got the book "The Forgotten Seamstress", by Liz Trenow, from my local library to participate in the new Colette Book Club... The online discussion is scheduled for Monday, February 15th 2016. But wouldn't it be nice to meet in Montreal and chat about that book in person too?

Vitrine sur la courtepointe moderne

La maison de la culture Marie-Uguay présente une exposition de 25 mini courtepointes offertes par la Guilde de courtepointe moderne de Montréal. Le vernissage aura lieu ce dimanche 31 janvier 2016 à 14h, suivi d'une conférence sur la courtepointe comtemporaine à 15h. L'exposition sera offerte jusqu'au 28 février 2016. C'est à un jet de pierre de chez moi alors j'y serai surement ce dimanche :D

Maison de la culture Marie Uguay (source)