Sunday, January 7, 2018

Gertie's Sundress and Bolero

B6453 Dress + B6354 Bolero : Muslin in ugly sheets!

I am 5'3" and was 40-33-40 and about 165 lbs when I made this dress in July 2017. Here are my muslin pictures (sorry for the ugly old sheet used) in case you are a similar size and were wondering where to start...

I made B6453 in size 14 bodice with a FBA and a skirt size 18 at waist and graded to 14-16 at hips. My FBA was also uncentered so the princess seams would fall at my apex : I added more to the front side princess seams (3/4 in) than to the center panel princess seams (1/2 in) and I shorten the skirt by 6 in at the shortening line and tapered the skirt by slashing and siding by about 3 in below the hips line.

I also made the B6354 Bolero by Gertie, but didn't made an FBA ; next time I will... I made my final dress in a tropical cotton sateen but I do not have good picture of myself in it yet... 

My 40th Luau Birthday Party!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Atelier Fiber Arts de Verdun

Atelier Fiber Arts - 3993 Rue Wellington à Verdun

Ce samedi 4 novembre 2017, les Spoolettes de Montréal iront coudre un legging en bonne compagnie à l'Atelier Fibre Arts de Verdun (page facebook) près du métro De L'Église.

Ce nouvel atelier de Montréal offrent des cours de coutures pour débutants à avancées (même un avec ma copine Monserratt pour coudre un soutien-gorge!), un service de réparation de machine à coudre et une panoplie de machine à coudre, surjeteuse et même une machine à long bras pour les courte-pointes. Un groupe de courte pointe, The Montreal Modern Quilt Guild, s'y rencontre parfois et ils partagent leur locaux avec Craft de Ville qui y vendent des tissus (quilting cotton) et patrons.

J'ai bien hâte d'aller découvrir l'endroit...

Merci à Terri d'organiser cette journée :D

Saturday, September 30, 2017

A BRA ka da BRA!

PinUpGirl - Classic Pattern

I made a Bra!

I went to a local class with Monserratt Lopez (Mexican Pink Blog at The Common Thread) and we sew the PUG classic.

It was an amazing experience, I liked sewing it in 2 days with other students!! Moreover, she made EVERY SINGLE SIZES as samples and we could try them out to choose the best starting size. She then pinched here and there to fit it to my body with little clips and translated that to our personnalised pattern before the first class.

So here is my first sewn bra! I am not in love with the constrasting thread color but it was easier to unpick part of it! The fit was almost perfect : I just needed a little dart that I will translate to my pattern for the next one. It is not perfect, but I still wore it all week!

If you can set in a sleeve, you can do it too!

Monserratt demonstrating

J'ai cousu un soutien-gorge!

J'ai suivi un cours avec Monserratt Lopez (Mexican Pink Blog au Fil Commun) et j'ai cousu le patron PUG Classic.

C'était vraiment super, j'ai adoré coudre avec d'autres couturières pendant 2 dimanches! De plus, Monserratt avait cousu TOUTES LES TAILLES du patron, donc lors de l'essayage nous avons trouvé la meilleure taille et elle l'a ajusté sur place avec de petites pinces. Avant le premier cours, elle avait retranscrit toutes les altérations nécessaires sur notre patron personnalisé!

Alors voici mon premier soutien-gorge! Je n'aurai pas choisit cette couleur de fil, mais le contraste aidait vraiment pour découdre nos erreurs... L'ajustement était presque parfait! Pour le prochain, je vais modifier le patron pour enlever une pince dans le bonnet du bas. Il n'est pas parfais, mais je l'ai porté toute la semaine!

Si vous pouvez coudre une manche, vous pouvez le faire vous aussi!

Voici mes altérations pour ne pas les oublier :

Modifications for v1 of PUG Classic 38F

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mode Expo 67

While Canada is celebrating is 150th, my hometown Montreal is now 350 years old in 2017! What better to celebrate than to visit a fashion exhibits about the international fiesta that was Expo 67! A small group of Montreal sewing bloggers are going to a private guided tour of the Mode Expo 67 at the McCord Museum on Saturday, July 29th 2017 in the afternoon. 

We still have a few place...
if you would like to join us,
send me an email or comment here! :D

Saturday, January 21, 2017

2016 - Year in Review

General Reflections 

Happy New Year! I usually follow the Top 5 from Gillian @ Crafting a Rainbow to make my year end review... But this year I found that the format didn't suit me. So here is my short review of 2016 :

Young Girl to Frozen Princess Bedroom
I didn't blog much this year. I concentrated my energy mostly on helping my daughter to learn to read while she was in grade 2 (2015-2016). I started working as a consultant again in November 2016. I finally manage to create a lasting habit of going swimming in the morning 3 times a week and loving it! At last, we redecorated all 3 of our bedrooms at home.

Fireman's to Slide & Cave Bed
I also figured out after my master degree was finished that I needed more than being a stay at home mother to feel fulfilled and I was happier after starting to work again, even if it is part-time and from home. Working again, I had less time for myself but I found it easier to focus on the important stuff. Having too much time on my hands, my sewing mojo vanished and I felt torn about how I should vs would like to fill my free time ; always feeling guilty no matter what I did.

Living Room to Put-the-bed-here to OUR Bedroom

Sewing Highlights

I organized a Bra Sewing Afternoon at my place and had a blast! Thanks Sewing Ladies Friends. I started sewing a bra, a swimming cap and one piece swimsuit... I followed several Beverly Jonhston's classes on Craftsy about sewing Bras and swimwear too...

I did finished my mother's kaftan about 5 minutes before she showed up at my place on Christmas Eve!! (I am such a procrastinator) Worst thing in taking 2 years to sew that wonderful chiffon dévoré fabric is that it was a breeze to sew - TAKE THAT, FEAR OF CHIFFON!! And she liked it so much that she wore it at Christmas to my aunt's party! :D

But I didn't sew new garments ; I did the usual numerous alterations, hemming, "summerizing" my kids clothes, sewing ribbons on mittens and patched about 1 000 000 000 pair of pants' knees!!

My Sewing Projects in 2016

My Sewing Resolutions

I would like to sew in 2017 : 
  • a bra
  • a one piece swimsuit for laps swimming
  • about 7 new everyday panties
  • a set of neck warmer, mitts and hat 
  • a new wallet 
  • a clutch purse
  • Use my cotton sateen tropical fabric
  • Use my raspberry bamboo knit
  • Use my tropical rayon challis
  • Start a coordinating nightwear capsule wardrobe : 1 nightgown, 1 camisole, 1 long sleeve top, all with bust support to mix & match with my cotton/lycra leggings and rayon challis shorts.
  • Maybe warm slippers or polar socks.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Crystal Blue Fancy Dress

Ma grande fille dans sa robe crystal bleu et mon fils coquin au noeud papillon!

My little 7 years old daughter was not feeling so well the day of the wedding, she had a fever a few days before... But she was a trooper and had a lot of fun anyway! I just do not have much photo of her in her super fancy crystal blue dress at the wedding without her bolero since she was feeling cold...

Pattern : The bodice pattern is the Bridgette Dress (size 6T) from Violet Field Threads Etsy shop. I drafted the cascading Hi-Low full circle skirt with box pleats in the back and pleats in the front, similar to the By Hand London Flora dress.

Here is what she looks like when she is not sick! A real frozen princess rock star!

Frozen Princess Rock Star with an Attitude : Vogue! Vogue! Vogue!

My Bridesmaid Dress

Mélanie & Danny's wedding!

Here is a quick post about the dress I sewed for me when I was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding in September 2015. I didn't include the other bridesmaid nor the groom's family in the pictures since they might not want to be on a blog! It was a gorgeous, casual, rugged, woodsy wedding with the emphasis on the delectable food served at the Auberge Baluchon as both my sister and her husband meet while studying/working in the Restoration business...

I opted to sew a dress I could wear often in a bit more casual fabric but with a classic style. The other bridesmaid wore a poly taffeta strapless dress with a short draped skirt and both groomsmen wore EXACTLY the same outfit. It is so much faster and easier for the men : the groom chose the groomsmen outfit, the groomsmen have totally different body types but wore the exact same size! :O

With my stretch cotton sateen dress, I was very comfortable to pickup kids and runs after them in the fields with my sensible platform shoes!! I had a moment when my bagged skirt lining started showing at the bottom, but I just took 5 minutes to tacked it back in place in the bathroom! ;)

Unfortunately, I forgot to take much picture during the wedding ; always a proof that we had a blast! :D

Patterns :
  • Bodice : Simplicity 1882 with the deep V variation + cut at my natural waist. 
  • Skirt : (Gertie's Bombshell) Burda 5/2011 #122 inner skirt (without the extra draped layer in the front).
Fabrics :
  • Cotton/spandex sateen in a navy 
  • Cotton poplin floral for the bodice lining 
  • Rayon bemberg in navy for the skirt lining, so it wouldn't cling to my pantyhose.
Patterns Changes :
  • I added bra stays at the shoulder.
  • I modified the princess seams at the bust a bit (about 1/4 inch)
  • I changed the skirt lining darts to pleats.
  • I lowered the skirt kick pleat by 2 inches.
  • I aligned the skirt darts with the bodice princess seams.
  • I used 3/8 inch seam allowances.
  • I shorten the hem to knees length (about 20 inches skirt for me).

My father's picture was in her bouquet...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Prendre le thé au musée!


Il y a une exposition intéressante au Musée du Costume et Textiles du Québec : Élégants Après-midis - Thé et exposition. Carmencita et plusieures autres blogueuses couturières des environs de Montréal y seront le Samedi 9 avril à 14h pour une visite toute spéciale de l'exposition!!

RSVP ICI : Invitation officielle sur facebook.

Voici ce qu'ils en disent sur le site du musée :
Parcours d’une élégante propose d’explorer, à travers une expérience singulière et marginale, les différents courants de mode qui ont su influencer le style personnel d’une femme d’exception.
Depuis plusieurs années, cette généreuse donatrice a offert au musée plus de 550 vêtements et accessoires inspirants. L’exposition rassemble 300 artéfacts, composant un éventail d’ensembles raffinés, reflétant son image unique et allurée. Achetée en boutique de luxe ou de seconde main, fabriquée maison ou en atelier spécialisé, chacune des pièces exposées raconte une histoire, celle d’une élégante authentique, curieuse… discrète.

Malheureusement, j'ai un empêchement, mais j'irai visiter cette exposition pendant les heures normales soit le dimanche 15 mai à 14h... On s'y croisera peut-être!?

Au plaisir!

Musée du Costume et textile du Québec

Friday, January 29, 2016

Book Club, Modern Quilts and Montreal

The Forgotten Seamstress

First book proposed by the Colette Book Club

Hello, I got the book "The Forgotten Seamstress", by Liz Trenow, from my local library to participate in the new Colette Book Club... The online discussion is scheduled for Monday, February 15th 2016. But wouldn't it be nice to meet in Montreal and chat about that book in person too?

Vitrine sur la courtepointe moderne

La maison de la culture Marie-Uguay présente une exposition de 25 mini courtepointes offertes par la Guilde de courtepointe moderne de Montréal. Le vernissage aura lieu ce dimanche 31 janvier 2016 à 14h, suivi d'une conférence sur la courtepointe comtemporaine à 15h. L'exposition sera offerte jusqu'au 28 février 2016. C'est à un jet de pierre de chez moi alors j'y serai surement ce dimanche :D

Maison de la culture Marie Uguay (source)

Friday, October 16, 2015

La grande braderie de mode Québécoise

Big Annual Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers
In Montreal, from October 22 to 25, there will be the Big Annual Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers. The event will be at the Marché Bonsecours, the same building as the Costume and Textile Museum in Quebec. They will also have a benefice event on October 21rst...

Are you thinking about going?

La grande braderie de mode Québécoise

À Montréal du 22 au 25 octobre 2015 prochain aura lieu la grande braderie de mode - un événement pour les fashionista ou l'on peut dénicher des vêtements de designer Québécois à rabais! Il sera aussi possible de visite l'exposition courante au Musée du Costume et du Textile du Québec, soit "Leitmotifs" dans le même édifice. Il y a aussi une soirée bénéfices la veille, le 21 octobre... 

Pensez-vous y aller?

Marché Bonsecours
350 St-Paul Est et 325 de la Commune Est 
Vieux-Montréal, Québec

Heures d'ouverture:
Jeudi de 10h à 21h
Vendredi de 10h à 21h
Samedi de 10h à 18h
Dimanche de 10h à 17h

Voir les détails sur le site de la Braderie.