Montreal's Activities

Last updated : January 14 2016

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Montreal's Activities

In another life (before kids), I use to help my husband's clients get the most out of their stay in Montreal, inviting them to share a meal and showing them around town with my husband! So I've put together a this mini Montreal's guide with recommendations of where to go, eat, sleep, drink and discover Montreal's uniqueness catered to sewers and crafters! There is also a list of sewing schools and sewing related exhibits!

Montreal's Sewing Classes

Workshops at creative local businesses

  • Effiloché : Knitting and sewing classes.
  • Les triplettes : home decor, accessories and kids clothing. They also sell Liberty of London.
  • La Fabrique éthique :  Sewing classes, DYI workshops, DYI Projects, a book and conferences on sustainability and ethical fashion.
  • Fripe Fabrique : Offer sewing classes, DYI ateliers and sell recycled clothing from local Designers.
  • Espace Fabrik : Sewing classes and workshop for both adults and children. Also kids/teens day camp.

Sewing Schools

Formal Training in Fashion or Textile

La Passerelle Montreal is a portal for Textile formal training in Quebec.

Montreal's Attractions

Sewing Related Attractions


Alternatives Attractions

  1. Comedy Shows:
    • Comedy Nest at the Old Forum, 
    • Yuk Yuk, 
    • Musée Juste pour Rire, 
    • Ligue Nationale d'Improvisation.
  2. Cinéma de répertoire:
    • Office Nationale du Film (ONF)
    • Cinémathèque du Québec, 
    • Cinéma Beaubien, 
    • Excentris, 
    • Cinéma du Parc.
  3. Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT)
  4. Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec, métro Berri.
  5. Montreal's Big Parks:
    • Cap St-Jacques (beach, farm), 
    • Parc Lafontaine, 
    • Parc Maisonneuve, 
    • Parc Jarry 
    • Parc Angrignon.
  6. Move your body:

Touristic Attractions

  1. Espace pour la vie (Biodome, Planetarium, Botanical Garden) and Olympic Stadium.
  2. On the Notre-Dame and Ste-Hélène Islands: Biosphere, Dorais Beach, Casino, Outdoor pool, La Ronde.
  3. In the Old Port: Labyrinth, Science Center, Cirque du Soleil, Bike path/Skating, cruises.
  4. Sports: Hockey, Football, Soccer, University Sports, Grand Prix and Tennis.
  5. Myriad of Festivals
  6. Numerous Museums
  7. Underground city and shopping.
  8. Churches: St-Joseph Oratorio on Mount-Royal mountain and Basilique Notre-Dame in the Old Montreal.
  9. Arboretum, Economusée...
Interesting for kids: Science Center, Biosphere, Biodome, La Tohue and inexpensive shows in the neighbourhood librairies/Maison de la culture. Park when it is out outside: Lac des castors on top of the Mount-Royal, Natatorium outdoor pool in Lasalle...  Link to Mtl Family Newsletter.


Staying in Montreal 

Sleeping in Montreal

Anywhere close to a subway station is convenient:
  1. Downtown Hilton Bonaventure Hotel with indoor/outdoor pool is fun
  2. Romantic charming B&B. I would avoid downtown area for a B&B, stick to residential neighborhoods. I visited the Auberge Lafontaine years ago and it was lovely.
  3. The Auberge Alternative to travel on a shoestring.
  4. The chic Hotel Boutique Nelligan is recommended by my husband to his clients coming in town.
  5. The W Hotel where it is happening all!

Drinking in Montreal

  1. Montreal has numerous micro-breweries, my favorites brew are the stout at Petit Medley on St-Hubert, the Raspberry blonde at Brutopia on Crescent and the Wheat Beer at Brasserie du Cheval Blanc on Ontario Street.
  2. Terraces are a must in the summer! The most famous being huge Le St-Sulpice on St-Denis and the intimate St-Elizabeth near St-Laurent. And in the old port, the Crèperie is splendid with great Sangria.

Eating in Montreal

Montreal is a foodie paradise! You do not have to empty your wallet at Chez Toqué to eat well either! Below I tried to highlight what is unique about Montreal’s tables. Here is a brief list of some favorites: Café Fréjus (crèpes), Grinder (tartar), Ouzéria (Greek), Confusion Tapas du Monde (tapas), El Zazium (Tex Mex).  But do not shy away from making great discovery on your own. Here are restaurants rendering Montreal so unique:
  1. Montreal’s Delicatessen are a staples, everyone has his favorite Smoked meat place. Mine is on St-Hubert (Le Roi du Smoke Meat) since it is where I went with my mother and grand-mother after shopping for bargain clothing to go back to school or some fancy fabric to sew a new Easter dress! 
  2. Montrealers are proud or our flavorful dense bagels gently sweet ; St-Viateur Bagels are the best and oldest, handmade, wood burning oven, even available in grocery stores! 
  3. Le Santropol ; huge sandwiches and smoothies, eclectic decor, feels like home, nice small terrasse is summer. This little café was started in 70’s by the desire to save this little street corner from demolition! The menu was very basic due to permit restrictions; but do not be fooled, the food served here is far from boring and very tasty!
  4. Ma-am-M Bolduc on De Lorimier for homemade Quebec comfort food. Madam Bolduc was a Quebecer folksinger in the 30’s and my grand-mother used to sing like her (“turluter” is somewhat similar to scat).
  5. La Banquise is THE place to get your poutine (French fries with curd cheese and gravy) after going out! It really helps to settle your guts after too many drinks! (since 1968, open 24/7)  
  6. Dans le noir : OK, this one I have never been but my mother did, and I am a part of her, non? It is so unique that I had to include it! The waiters are blind and the meal is served in a black room; deprived of your sight, all your other senses are awaken for a truly special experience!
  7. Robin des bois, a resto where the Chefs are supported by volunteers as staff/waiters and all profits are redistributed to people in needs. Moreover, it is absolutely delicious!
  8. Crudescence : I haven’t gone there yet, but I sent my sister scouting! A speciality restaurant that is vegan, raw, bio and gluten free while being a sustainable enterprise and delicious.
  9. Food trucks are delicacy on wheels in Montreal, they move around and are usually always there at festivals and even at friendly neighborhood gathering. Use the app to find one near you...


  1. Wow Caro!
    I love your lists!! This is so useful!!
    Thanks! ;)

    1. Thank you! It is still a work in progress... You just reminded me that I need to try the "Dans le noir" resto!! :D

  2. very nice! my two cents, here's where I've been taking classes, another sewing school, my teacher is awesome:

  3. do you know if there are sewing lessons for the beginner in english?

    1. Hi, You would have to call the listed schools to find out what kind of classes they offer and in which language. There is also that offer classes online only in English ; several beginners classes are free...

  4. Bonjour!
    Je viens de découvrir ton blog! Très intéressant! Je suis une "Sewing blogger" de Montréal! J'aime bien voir qu'il y a du mouvement à Montréal dont je n'étais même pas au courant! Génial!

    Mon blog:!

    Au plaisir de rencontrer la communauté un jour!!

  5. Hi Caro,
    Thanks for this blogpost. Such a great list and so much info. I have been trying to find weekend or 1 week workshops related to fashion in Montreal, but haven't really been successful. I searched for Sustainable/Textile/Dyeing/Leather/special techniques type of stuff. My plan is to take a 1 week intensive french course in Montreal or Quebec city, and add a workshop or two in the fashion field, as I work in Fashion (so i can combine the two: Language and Creative)
    I could not find a french immersion course that is geared towards fashion, so I thought I split it up, and do language course intensive and look for separate fashion related workshops to learn something new or improve my skills. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
    By the way, I live in Los Angeles, but i am fluent in German, and intermediate in French. (if that helps at all ;-)
    xx Shiva

    1. Hi Shiva,

      Outside from the list on this page, I found a the center for textile design somewhat near the Atwater market : They have very cool looking workshops on weekends, mostly dying and printing techniques! The workshop might be in French, but the teacher (or fellow students) will most probably be able to provide info in English if need be...

      For eco conscious sewing workshops, look at La fabrique éthique :

      mtlblog has a top 10 of French langage classes resources :

      Have fun! :D