My Projects

Projects in 2017

Finished Projects :

Work in Progress :
  • a one piece swimsuit in raspberry lycra
  • My second bra : PUG Classic, thiniest band, thin straps, extreme gothic arch in black duoplex
  • Leggings

Planned Projects :
  • My third bra : PUG Classic, long line, in raspberry duoplex
  • a new swimming cap
  • about 7 new everyday panties
  • a set of neck warmer, mitts and hat in fleece and wool
  • a new wallet 
  • a clutch purse
  • Use my bamboo knit
  • Use my tropical rayon challis
  • Start a coordinating nightwear capsule wardrobe : 1 nightgown, 1 camisole, 1 long sleeve top, all with bust support to mix & match with my leggings and shorts.
  • Maybe warm slippers or polar socks.

Projects in 2016

My Sewing Projects in 2016
  1. Bra Sewing Afternoon at my place : I had a blast! Thanks Sewing Ladies Friends. 
  2. I started sewing a bra and a one piece swimsuit ; still in progress.
  3. I sewed a swimming cap and use it all the time now.
  4. I followed several Beverly Jonhston's classes on Craftsy about sewing Bras and swimwear too...
  5. I did finished my mother's kaftan and she wore it the next day! :D
Finally, I did the usual numerous alterations, hemming, "summerizing" my kids clothes, sewing ribbons on mittens and patched about 1000 000 pair of pants' knees!!

Projects in 2015

My mother's RTW top copy : UFO - I never finished, she discarded the original so I didn't made the copy. Plus, I didn't do anything on my mother's kaftan this year ; for fear of sewing the chiffon devore or procrastination?!? We will see in 2016...

My finished projects in 2015 :
  1. My Daughter's maryjane slippers (Too small for my daughter, but they fits her brother!)
  2. McCall 6844 Wearable Muslin (I should have made a size smaller and do a FBA. I still wear it a lot and I love the color but that fabric piles!)
  3. My daughter's muslin for her dress to wear at my sister's wedding
  4. A purse for my mother in law retirement party!
  5. Several Camino tops and dresses
  6. My muslin for my bridesmaid dress to my sister's wedding
  7. My navy cotton sateen bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding.
  8. My daughter crystal blue dress for the wedding.
  9. Altered the Groom vest to fit his slender body shape better ; I was so nervous but I was proud of the result and he was very happy with the fit afterwards! :D
  10. A rocking chair cushion and some curtains for my cousin's newborn nursery in delightful to sew wool herringbone fabric.
  11. A pair of mittens and a wallet in B&W wool for my husband as a Christmas gift.
My Sewing Projects in 2015

Projects in 2014

I started my Mother's Kaftan and experimenting sewing a bikini top.
I did numerous alterations, hemming, "summerizing" my kids clothes, sewing ribbons on mittens, etc.
And finally, finished my Master Degree!!  :D

Here are my finished objects :
  1. My Daughter's Dress and Son's bow tie for New Year (Big hit!)
  2. Embellish black "Cagoules" and sewn neck warmers for my kids (The animals are a HUGE hit!)
  3. Fushia knit top (I wear it, but feel self conscious ; too short and clingy)
  4. 2 Maxi skirts in rayon knit (I love them for casual days)
  5. Blue Camino Top in super thin rayon knit (Too thin, need a camisole under, I do not wear it a lot)
  6. Floral Vera Venus Granny Panties (Loves them, but nylon one slide better under cotton skirts)
  7. Bikini bottom (post about my plan here) (I recycled the too big bottom I bought into the top band for the new bottom and wore it all summer)
  8. Shorten my husband's RTW jacket sleeves (He seems pleased, but he was wearing it too long too!)
My Sewing Projects in 2014

Projects in 2013

  1. Monique Dress - UFO
  2. Tiramisu Knit Dress
  3. Simplicity 1882 - Muslin with collar
  4. S1882 - Floral Sateen  
  5. Kristen Kimono Tee v1 
  6. Kristen Kimono Tee v2
  7. Kristen Kimono Tee v3
  8. Little Miss Kimono Tee
  9. Grey Dress Refashion
  10. Grey Dress Embroidery
  11. RTW Copy Back draped cowl with added sleeves
  12. Wallets Duo
  13. Underpants Comparison Serie
  14. Russian doll embroidery for my mother
  15. Twin bed Quilt
  16. Halloween 2013 - Bjork inspired Swan dress
Sewing Projects 2013

Past Projects 

A few past sewing projects...

  1. Both my bride maids's dresses
  2. A too full for my body shape gathered skirt (UFO)
  3. Women shirt refashioned into a toddler dress
  4. Several toddler's magnets ties
  5. Best Friends skirts and hair bows
  6. A baby dress in satin with a sheer ovelay
  7. Refashioned a wide leg trouser into boot cut
  8. Toddler grey corduroy pants, with quilting cotton pockets
  9. Refashioned a women mumu into 2 toddler's nightgowns
  10. Baby sleeping bags (dormeuse ou gigoteuse)
  • Severals tote bags, hair accessories, little zipper bags...
  • Severals VW Westfalia customizations projects
  • Baby girl nursery decor : curtains valence, crib skirt, changing cushion, cover and pad.
  • Baby boy nursery decor : curtains valence, crib skirt, sheets, rocking chair cover...
  • Big girl quilt
  • Family room couch pillows