My Westfalia

Customization made for Sheryl our 1966 VW Westfalia camper. We owned her from 2003 to 2010.

Sheryl Cherrywagon, 1966 VW Westfalia

Front Seat

Made in soft vinyl with red vinyl piping on my uncle industrial sewing machine.

Custom Front Seats Covers

Vinyl racing stripes and pipping

Camper Interior

We won the half and half grand prize once in our favorite VW Campout Event, Bus Fusion, and decided to spend the money in wood to redo the camper interior. In 3 crazy weeks, we managed to rebuilt our van camper's interior from floor to ceiling! Working by day, building by night, we managed to get ready just in time to drive from Montreal to North Sydney to catch our ferry to Newfoundland for a month of vacation!

Custom SO-42 Interior
Sink, kitchen tools and pantry
Back bench transforms into a bed.
Passenger side closet

2/3 storage bench with porta-potty in drawer

Camper interior with the table up

Homemade Roof Rack

Based on Mr. Bubblehead roof rack design for a type III Squareback, we started to build our own roof rack for Sheryl! The original link to his tutorial doesn't exist anymore, but you could look on The Samba forums for another resources or ideas...

We had trouble with our first version, since a type II (our van) has a much more defined slope on the roof than a VW Squareback (Type III)... But this second version was good! It was m
ade with electrical conducts (pipes) and wood slates.

Homemade Roof Rack

New Curtains and Custom Awning

Made in a super hawaiian print UV/Water resistant canvas bought at Fabricville. I bought the entire roll because I was so disappointed when I couldn't find the exact same soft vinyl used for the front seats for the back seats too...
Flexible tent poles in a star pattern for the dome

Telescopic poles in grommets to hold it up

Straps to attach to the roof rack

New curtains in their Hawaiian print splendor

Custom Cot/Crib for a baby

With our first child, we needed solution to have her sleep safely with us. From the original front cot idea, I designed a suspended cot and crib with the front part that can opens and have a bug net for visibility and air flow.

Hammock on top of the front seats, snaps for curtains

Front "wall" down

Front "wall" up

The day the music died. Bye Bye Miss American pie :

Bye Bye Miss Sheryl Cherrywagon 66'

Our new growing family needed a little more space and comfort. Here came into our life Mister Vester Winfried with his fridge, 2 double beds, heaters, radio, water tank, etc. We haven't made important customization to him yet apart from adding a porta-potty...

Welcome Mister Vester Winfried 88'

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