Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sewing Meet-up in Montreal !

Saturday August 17th - 12:00

I am so excited to be able to join this time around! :D

Vicki from "Another sewing scientist" is organizing a sewing meet-up in Montreal this coming Saturday August 17th 2013. Meet us at noon at  El Chalateco at 520 rue Beaubien E for a pattern/fabric swap and some fabric shopping around!

Vicki, une autre scientifique couturière, organise un rassemblement de couturière bloggeuse Samedi le 17 août prochain... Rendez-vous à midi au El Chalateco at 520 rue Beaubien E pour un échange de tissus et/ou patron et une séance de magasinage de tissus sur St-Hubert après!

Invitation from Vicki here...

Invitation from Vicki here...

OK, I will close the computer all week in order to finish my current rendition of S1882 in time for the meet-up!!

Vente trottoir sur St-Hubert!

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