Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Burnout Kristen Kimono Tee

Kristen Kimono Tee v2 on camisole solo

Tips and tricks

The second time I made this top, I used a very light weight Poly/Rayon burnout knit. I tried all short of stitches, tensions, width, length... But what worked best was to use tissues paper between my fabric and the feed dogs ; So much easier! Else, my fabric got sunk below the sewing machine plate and removing it either distorted or punctured it. It was also harder to cut, but I manage with my pattern weights and rotary cutter again!

Light weight burnout Poly/Rayon Knit
Using tissue paper between the feed dogs and the fabric
with stay tape at the shoulder seams
Sew with the stem stitch

Ripping the tissue paper is easy afterward.
Then finish the edge like you prefer
Resulting seam!

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