Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thrifted Grey Dress Refashion

Grey Dress Refashion
I bought a dress for 5$ last year during our annual VW Campout Weekend. My husband was not a fan : "No va-va-voom showing through!" he said. The dress as an empire waist, boring grey, was hitting on the most muscular part of my calf.  But it felt confortable and I liked the bias tape details.

I decided to shorten it : I cut 4 inches at the bottom and made a tiny gathered pockets with it! I had to bleach the bought bias tape to match the original details on the dress. I also added 2 big diamond shaped darts in the back to cinch it more ; I had to remove almost 6 inches total at the waist!. And it worked! My first refashion that did...

I also intend to hand embroider some wires and love birds on it too...

Some refashion details

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