Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tira Sewalong - Prepping for Prep

Testing and Playing with Stitches

Tips from Emma One Sock on Double Knit Rayon Blend fabric : 
  • Use jersey or stretch needles size 75.
  • For hem, double needles stretch 4.0/75 or 2.4/75.
  • Threads : cotton covered poly or 100% poly.
  • Gentle touch with iron, medium heat, use press cloth to avoid shine.
 Breakdown :
  • Read all materials/comments related to Day 3 to 7 and note every piece of info I needed! My goal is to stop navigating the web and looking for info while working on my tasks for the day (andget lost in unrelated links!!)... I hope to speedup the process this weekend! (2h)
  • Test fabric under iron settings (15 min)  Cut a press cloth from 100% cotton in statsh...
  • Test stitches, seam finishes, basting and top-stitching (1h) Note : Try overlock stitch/foot, triple zigzag stitch, walking foot, lowering pressure on foot, sewing with paper under the fabric...
  • Try a mockup binding and top-stitching (30 min) 
  • Try a mockup shoulder seam, with stay tape and topstitching (30 min)
 TOTAL : 2h research on web + 2h15 testing/playing with my NEW sewing machine! :D

Basting Construction Finishing Topstitching

Chosen Stitch Settings :
  • Basting : #1 Strait stich with length 5.0, Satin foot B
  • Construction : #7 Stem stitch, Satin foot B
  • Topsticthing : #6 Strait Stretch stich, Blind Hem foot D at 1/8 in.
  • Finishing : #16 Overcast Stretch, Overcasting foot C, cut SA at 1/4 in.
  • Hemming : TBD


  1. Looks like a good plan. I'm somewhere in the steps 4-7 neighborhood, seeing how much I can get done tonight. Can't wait to see everyone's Tiramisus. Lots of great ideas out there. Enjoy your new machine!!!

  2. Thanks! The community feeling is so much fun! I love that everybody is all around the world and working to help each other! :D

  3. Just found you when I was updating the Map the Sewintists files! Great to find another person close by. I've been toying with the idea of having a Montreal meet-up sometime soon (well, once the weather heats up enough for terrasse season....). Would you be up for a fun weekend afternoon of fabric and sewcializing? Let me know and I'll keep you in the loop about any meetup planning.

    1. I would love to come! You can join me at cotc03 at hotmail... :D