Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tira Sewalong - Day 2 Cutting

Cutting all done and overview of my project box.

Breakdown of Steps

  • Modify midriff pieces to add 3/4 in in height for my 5 in torso. (20 min)
  • Work on my cutting layout while chatting with my husband ; manage to squeeze everything in about 1.6 m so I didn't need to cut on the floor (and wash it first!)! (30 min)
  • Pins the pattern pieces with the correct stretch lines positions. (20-30 min?)
  • Cut all (40 min)
  • Mark dots on fabric with tailor tacks (threads) or clover chaco liner pen style? (10 min)
TOTAL : 2h10

My cutting layout on 64in (1.6m) of 55in (140cm) wide fabric.

Note : The midriff pieces (far right, with patterns weights) were not pined there, it was merely to reserve some fabric for them to be cut on the remnant fabric folded the other way around, as per the pattern stretch/stripe line dictate.

Personal Comments

I was so afraid to cut my fabric, I think I suffer from the "deer caught in the headlight" syndrome every time I start a new project! I over think everything... But once I start a task, I'm an unstoppable train that ends up a train wreck the next morning because I went to bed at 2am! ;)

PS : I decided not to extend the sleeves of the bodice pieces into 3/4 ones for my first version ; but I still can decide later on to do the long sleeves hack as seen on sewing cake...

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