Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blog is dead, long live Blog!


So what happened with this dead blog? I subscribed to a master degree class last semester with too much homework and starting at 16h, too early for my husband to be back home from work... I also worked about 8 hours per week while still being a full time Stay-at-home mom! No sewing done and now my sewing room is buried with Holiday frenzy remnants....

This session will be similar but the class has no homework and a better schedule. Moreover, I will have one evening free for myself every 2 weeks, thanks Maman et mon chéri! xxx

So I ordered ribbons from The Ribbon Retreat today to make some belts for my slim bellied kids ; Hoping to summon my sewing mojo and force me to reorganize, again, my sewing room!

Rainbow : calm after the storm, no?
Wish me luck!