Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 - Year in review

I love to reflect on the past year with Gillian's Top 5 series, but I took some liberty and made a unique big (and late) post about 2017.

Sewn Projects:
  • Gertie sundress and bolero: for my 40th birthday!
  • I made my first bra with Abracadabra (Monserratt Lopez) at the Common Thread.
  • Started a pair of sandals at the Common Thread.
  • I sewn a dress for my niece with a full circle skirt!
  • Resized a dancing costume for my daughter's best friend
  • Sewn a Barbie ensemble as per my daughter's design...
  • Made 2 bat wings sleeves dresses for my daughter : Black "Mavis" the vampire from Hotel Transylvania for her Halloween costume and a crushed velvet purple one she asked for... I hope she will want to sew one for herself since the design is simple! 
  • Sewn ribbons to mitts, embroidered names on clothes and tackled a never ending list of mending projects!

Sewcial Activities:
  • Museum "Expo 67" with about 20 Spoolettes + apéro at Brutopia
  • Atelier Fiber Art on Wellington to sew legging with Spoolettes, organised by Terri
  • Sew bra at class with Monserratt Lopez, at the Commun Thread
  • Sew leather at the Commun Thread: I started sandals, Vicki & her son made bags.
  • Musée de la mode avec Julie Peloquin, exposition "Fréquence Bleue" + apéro sur place
  • I tried to visit a local exhibit with Monserratt Lopez, but I screwed up and the library was closed! We had a bite in a local cafe instead...
Personal Highlights:

  • I travel much : Querretaro Mexico, PEI Canada, Skiing in Tremblant, Ontario cabin with friends during March Break, NYC, Vermont and Lake George camping with friends and we played tourist in Montreal for our wedding anniversary!
  • I took time each month to do something fun but felt quite overwhelmed when I started working full time in May 2017, moreover when my daughter was diagnose with dyslexia and dysorthographia.
  • I finish a Spartan race with a group of friends : "Straight Off the Couch!". It took us forever, helping each others at the obstacles but we made it : Arooo!
  • I turned 40 years old!

  • I am very lucky, lots of vacation time, more money now that I work full time, even thought working weeks are absolutely frantic. I did a lot of fun activities last year. We are healthy. My family is close by. 
  • I feel like I have a hard time to find balance between work, personal and family life. I still feel even more guilty to work full time with kids needs now. I feel I am getting old, feel like time is passing too fast, kids need me now but I am not there to be free later (working for retirement)...
  • ME TIME : I need to work out, swim, run and ski... I need to do more of what I love : reading, sewing, travelling, painting/art, playing with my kids! Stop procrastinating in front of computer, fake relaxing browsing facebook ; DO INSTEAD!! 
  • COUPLE TIME : be with my husband, go out more, ask the babysitter next door...
  • KIDS TIME : play more, be there not just for chores/homework/boring parents stuff... I am the default parent and feel I am not fun anymore..
  • Challenge to help my daughter learn to Read/Write... Not sure yet how to approach this without her having too much homework and starting hating school...
  • Challenge to help my son be more happy when there is constraints, external demands at school and home, be better at delayed gratification without throwing a fit everytime someone ask him to interrupt his play time...
  • HOUSE : Need to redo RDC bathroom and decide if we do the garage or not (vs travel and save for retirement with the money)

Goal for sewing 2018 :
  • black bra *
  • sew panties *
  • new wallet and/or purse *
  • warm slippers/sock in B&W herringbone wool and polar fleece*
  • mitts and hat in B&W herringbone wool and polar fleece
  • use my raspberry bamboo knit : top with shawl back cowl
  • use my tropical rayon challis : B6453 sundress
  • finish leather sandals
  • something blush pink (top or dress?)
* needed.

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