Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My 15 minutes of fame!

Plaza St-Hubert, Montreal (source: Plaza St-Hubert)

Eh, I've been published! My Guide to Montreal was published this morning in the Seamwork Magazine, a Collette Patterns initiative!! And just in time for Canada Day and our upcoming Sewing Bloggers Meetup... I am very proud! :D

If my article makes you want to visit my hometown, let me know! Thanks!


Hey, je suis une auteure publiée! J'ai écris en anglais ce printemps un Guide sur Montréal et il a été publié ce matin dans Seamwork Magazine, un projet de Collette Patterns!! Juste à temps pour la fête du Canada et notre rencontre de samedi... J'en suis très fière! :D

Si cet article vous a donné le goût de visiter ma ville, laissez-le moi savoir! Merci!

Monsieur Letendre, Rubans et Boutons, 7363 St-Hubert


  1. Un très bon article, Caroline! Je viens juste de le lire et wow, il me reste encore plusieurs endroits à visiter! Toutes mes felicitations pour ton bon travail!

  2. HI I recently used your article to have a wonderful time shopping in areas that I did not know they existed. I had three separate fabric shopping days during my two week stay in Montreal last month thanks to you. Had to borrow a suitcase on my return flight to Calgary.

    1. Oooh! I am so excited! Thank you for taking the time to let me know and to contribute to the survival of my hometown fabric stores! :D Au revoir!

  3. I am using it right now to plan my trip :)
    I am especially looking for Stretch fabrics and some fabric to make a French Jacket (Susan Khalje class)
    Thank you so much for all the work you put in to making this list.
    It is truly appreciated!

    1. Thank you Ann! Let me know if you need anymore info for your trip. You can also take a look at this work in progress for suggestions for activities, resto and hotels in Montreal here : :D

      The best place for stretch would be Stretch Text, Globetex (on St-Laurent) and C&M (on St-Hubert)... All the addresses are here :

      Have fun in Montréal!

    2. Oh and Couture Elle on St-HUbert have wonderful bouclé for a Chanel jacket!

  4. Hello from eastern Canada,

    I've been considering a fabric shopping excursion to Montreal, and stumbled upon your blog. Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive list and a map for such a trip! I feel like it's been compiled especially for me :-D

    I especially enjoyed reading your Seamworkers Guide, congratulations on being published. Now I'm considering extending my trip to take in some of the dining and fripperies.

    I sew and sell women's and men's accessories and I like to have lots of variety in my finished products. For that reason I only buy small yardages of each print/colour (under 9 m). If it isn't too much trouble, could you suggest places where I might find chunky buttons, chiffon, wool suiting and lightweight jersey fabrics? I hope to visit before the end of September, are there days of the week that shops are closed?

    It’s impossible to shop for fabric out here on the edge of the continent. It’s too bad that online fabric shopping isn’t an option; I have to touch it before I’ll buy it.

    Thank you again for putting together such a wonderful list and map. I look forward to using it when I visit Montreal.


    1. Hi!

      Sorry for the delay in my reply, I was in vacation with my family. Funny thing, we might have pass in your town since we went to Fredericton, Alma, Halifax, Lunenberg and Caraquet this year! :D

      You are welcome! I am so glad my list could bring customers to my hometown fabrics stores to keep them open! :D

      All the stores listed below will sell fabric starting at 1m.

      There is 2 stores dedicated to buttons in Montreal : Rix Rax (near St-Hubert) and Rubans et Boutons (on St-Hubert).

      For knits and jersey : C&M on St-Hubert is a little pricier but offers bamboo knits... On St-Laurent, close to Chabanel, you can find bargain knits at Stretch-Text and Globe-Tex ; I love Globe-tex because they have a lot of rayon knits, but they also have poly ITY if you prefer.

      For wool, you can get it at Globe-Tex too for a good price. Else on St-Hubert you could find about anything too! If you are looking for quality wool suiting, stop at Tissus St-Hubert ; they sell high end fabrics like Italian wool, French lace, Intricate lace from Dubai, Silk chiffon and specialize in superb jacquard! You can deal your prices with them, they are friendly!

      You can get the complete list with addresses and for the stores in the Chabanel area, I tried to state if they are opens or not on weekends because it vary for every stores there... On St-Hubert, they usually are open every day between 10-16h for sure... Here is the link to the free directory that you could print :

      And if you would like suggestions for hotels, restaurants and activities, see my guide in progress here :

      Enjoy my hometown! :D

  5. Hi, we might be moving to Montreal for a couple of years from New Zealand. I was just trying to find out about sewing / fabric in Montreal and found your great article in Seamwork - thanks! Rose