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Comino Cap Pattern Review

Comino Top & Dress Pattern from Kitschy Coo

Blue rayon knit top

I made several tops and dresses with the Comino Cap Top/Dress kitschy Coo Pattern that I bought right when it was released. The blue rayon knit fabric being sheer, I made it shorter to wear with a camisole since I like the camisole to peek below the hem (sorry, in the photo below it rode up!). It is very soft but might not be the most flattering one... My camisole is poly/nylon and when it is too warm I do not like to wear it. But since I sewn it as a wearable muslin to determine the proper size, I am very happy!

Solid Blue Camino Top

Fuchsia yoke and floral dress 

I love the combination of the rayon fuchsia knit yoke and rayon floral on black knit. Unfortunately, the fuchsia yoke is growing with wear but do not pile. The waist feels too low at the end of the day, but it spring back with washing/drying... I am quite pleased with the flowers alignment at the waist seam too. So I wear it often with my favorite fuchsia flower hair clip!

Fuchsia and Floral Comino Dress

Black yoke and abstract blue top & dress

I adore the black organic cotton knit I used for the yoke. I bought it during the Open house at the Oöm atelier last spring for about 2$ for a handful of remnant pieces. It is very soft and has a great bouncy recovery. The abstract blue/black/green looks like a Ikat print and was bought last July 4th during the sewing bloggers meet-up on St-Hubert. I fell in love with the colors and it was a bargain at 6$/m since I was able to cut the Comino top and dress in less than 2m! And I have enough left for either underwear or a kid's shirt even if I was careful about pattern placement to get a continuity of the print at the side and waist seams... My 6 year old daughter already made a tiny dress for her mini doll with some floor scrap... I am so proud of her! :D

TODO : Add a photo when it is hemmed...

Comino Cap Pattern Review

Pattern Description

Comino Cap Top/Dress kitschy Coo Pattern can be made in a cap sleeve top or dress and with or without a sweetheart neckline yoke. It remind me of the Colette Macaron but for knit fabrics.

Pattern Sizing

I used size 5 and I am 40 (34G) - 33 - 40, 5'2" and fluctuate around 163 lbs this summer.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


Were the instructions easy to follow? 

My main modification is to stabilized the V neck and shoulder seams. I also didn't finished the seams that were topstitched. So here's my preferred method :
  1. Stay stitch the lower bodice piece V neck on 1in each way, using staytape. (cut the itchy staytape to ensure it never touch my skin!)
  2. Sew upper to lower bodice pieces for BACK and FRONT, press SA down and topstitch.
  3. Sew shoulder seam using clear elastic (or staytape) as stabilizer. Press SA to back and topstitch.
  4. Prepare the 3 binding bands : sew ends together in a tube, press SA open and press tube folded in half, pressing a fold at each 1/4.
  5. Pin neck binding at each 1/4, sew, press SA down and topstitch.
  6. Sew side seams, finish and press to back.
  7. Pin armholes binding at each 1/4, sew, press SA down and topstitch.
  8. (Optional) Sew and finish skirt side seams. Then, attach skirt to bodice, finish SA and press up.
  9. Hem 1inch with double needle.
Stabilizing shoulders and V neckline.

I found it way easier to sew that the sweetheart neckline yoke let me believed. The point is not hard to sew and I didn't get any stretching, maybe because I used staytape there too?

Fabric Used

Different knit fabrics, mostly rayon/lycra blend and lightweight. A fabric with good recovery is needed for the yoke, even more important if you plan a sheer yoke, else your bra top will show is the fabric stretch with wear... I plan on sewing one with a sheer yoke eventually!

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made

Not much, they are all size 5. The solid blue one has it's hem shorten by 1,5 in. The dresses has been shorten at the shorten here line to 20in from waist to hem and the side seam are a little altered to fit my fabric.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Yes! I love these tops and dresses. I think it is a very comfortable casual summer dress, but looks special with the yoke! It also allow to use smaller fabric remnants. I keep thinking to make a waistband to make it a little less casual or to wear it with a real belt.

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  1. They all look great! i'm a bit addicted to this pattern, myself - I love the tee and the dress. I've sewn it, um... 8+ times, and never once tried the yoke - thanks for the inspiration! For the one that sags down, you could sew some thin elastic at the waist to support the skirt so there is less weight hanging off the shoulders? Just a thought! :)

    1. I love the yoke ; I think it would look great on you too and you can't never have too much Camino!! :D The name of that pattern always remind me of the Chevrolet El Camino ; which owning even 1 might be too much!! ha ha ha!

      Thank you for the tip! I forgot to write that I did sew a clear elastic to the waist of that version, but it is too flimsy I am afraid... My 1/4 clear elastic was good in the shoulder seams, but I should have used a larger one with more rebound maybe at the waist?!? If it bothers me too much, I will try to sew a sturdier elastic on top...