Monday, August 29, 2011

New York, New York!


Can you think about New York city without hearing the Frank Sinatra song? I definitely cannot! I'm lucky enough that my husband is going to work for a day in New York AND he is bringing me along AND my mom will keep the kids AND the mega storm Irene can't cancel this on me anymore! The stars must be aligned or something!
Frank Sinatra

Strangely, I've been to New York numerous times already and I've never visited the fashion district... But if you ever have the chance to go touch some 4ply silk there, here is the absolute best guided tour you could find on the web: Meg's Shop the Garment District.

Click on the link entitled "View NY Garment District Stores on a large map" for the best printable map of the district with Meg's commentary and all the shops picture, address, schedule, description, etc! Even bathroom stops, restaurants and places to leave your significant other wander while you shop! Positively Awesome! Thank you Meg!

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  1. Oh, can't WAIT to hear all about your NY, NY adventures!! TELL me you weren't there during all the flooding, eh!!
    xx Rhonda