Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mini me


I'm a birthday girl today and I must have been really REALLY nice this year! Guess what was in the box my mom wrapped in an old sewing pattern and topped with a bow made from slices of the instructions!?!

...a Mini Me!!
Mini Me - prettier than the one in Austin Powers!

Can't wait to use my new dress form! Merci Suzy, Yvan, Mélanie et Danny! xxx

It will be replacing my unused and already WAY too huge duck tape dress form I made a few months ago. It's a really bad idea to made a duck tape dress form when you are still nursing and loosing pregnancy weight so fast! Other than that, it was fun and fast to make, but needed a cover as the tape is sticky. I used the instructions found on Threads Magazine.

Meet Enilorac, my fat stunt double!


  1. Now THAT's a fun Happy Birthday surprise, eh!! And a very supportive, encouraging family ;)
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  2. Thanks Rhonda! I'm a lucky gal indeed!