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Frocktails Montreal + Appleton Review

Frocktails Organisation

Paulina started the ball, with Andréanne, Esther, Monserratt and me to organised the first Frocktails of Montréal!!

Andréanne, Paulina, Esther, Caroline, Monserratt

It was a lot of work, but very rewarding to see how the Montreal sewing community got together to help out and were very generous with goody bags donations and raffle prizes although this was the first Froctails in Montreal!

I started using Instagram (@CarolineSewEng) and found it fun to meet sewists in a very graphic, fast and responsive manner (hence, my blog was neglected!). I had fun with Monserratt designing posters and going on St-Hubet to talk with every store owners... 


We even went to the Ottawa Frocktails to get a glimpse of their super party! It was a super weekend with Monserratt and Vicky! I am glad I did it even thought it was a bit much with my work promotion this fall.

Johanne, Monseratt, Vicky, Caroline

I am very glad that attendees seems to enjoyed themselves and relieve we will have help to organise the next one with more volunteers! Thanks!

Frocktails Event

I went with my mother and aunt, the evening went by so fast! They were very impress by our sewing community and were still talking about it at Christmas! They have sewn forever! But they were a bit shy to come without wearing something they made... But I am glad the committee decided early on that our event would be very inclusive and that nobody needed to sew especially for the event ; attendees only needed to want to talk about sewing for a whole evening! And my mother and aunt felt very welcome and even try a bit of English ;)

Suzy, Caroline, Claudine

The staff was very attentive and friendly at Hambar, the food was good with vegan options, with wine and non alcoholic beverages too. Speeches could be made shorter next years and we had a lot of  very nice and expensive raffle prizes to draw!

Caroline and Monserratt at the entrance

Stacey and friends

Yolanda et Mme "Pénélope Machine"

Kay, Heather and Vicky

Montreal Spoolettes!!

My Dress : Cashmerette Appleton 

My measurements 

Nov 2019 : 159cm/5ft3in around 177 lbs,
(high bust 41) bust 45 - waist 36 in - hips 43 in,
RTW Bra 34G, long torso, sway back 1 in, short legs.
Hourglass that tends to rectangular, with bum and bust.

Maxi version - nov 2020

My pattern review
Cashmerette Appleton Dress

Pattern Description: Wrap dress or top, sleeveless or short/long sleeves, promise no gaping. Extended plus sizes with cup sizes.

Pattern Sizing: I selected a size 14 with G/H cups.

Did it look like the photo/drawing? Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, very well done, except the image when sewing the neckband back wasn't totally correct...

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? 

Like : The clever neckband construction and no gap! It was fun to sew and I love that all my velvet is soft going down. The "Feminist" label received at Ottawa Frocktails always makes me smile!

Dislike: The lack of waist definition on my rectangular body. The looseness of the sleeve hem (easily fix for next version by tapering or adding a band). Lack of pockets. I should have lengthen the ties for a maxi.

Fabric Used : Low pile printed polyester velvet with a silver/grey shinny reverse - from C&M Textile on St-Hubert Street.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: lengthen to maxi dress.

Would you sew it again? Not sure as I prefer a waist seams to do a sway back adjustment and a more defined waist (I tend to emphasize my hips left-right more to balanced my silhouette)

Conclusion: I am a slightly hourglass but mostly rectangle shape and I did not find it so flattering as a maxi. I cut it after Frocktails to make it a top and I have been wearing it every 2 weeks since. But my velvet reverse side is slippery and I always readjust it as the day goes... Happily, I had no gaping at the neckline. I think the waist is too high on me by about 1,5 or 2 inches and probably that is what is forcing me to pull it down and readjust?!?

Cut as a top - dec 2020

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