Monday, November 3, 2014

I gave in and ordered from eShakti

eShakti top with 3/4 sleeves in 41-34-41 custom size.

So, since my semester started I have barely time to breath, let alone sew!! But I did the next best thing, design a top for my custom measurements and had it sewn and shipped to me ;)

eShakti is a web only shop for very nice dresses, tops and skirts ; with some retro flare and a lot in natural fibers. What is special about them is that you can order an item to your specific measurements and customize the sleeves, neckline and hem length... All for a very reasonable price I think.

I tried a knit top first, just to test their customize size options in a top I wouldn't necessarily need to pay to return... When you register you get a welcome rebate and I bought my top at 30% during a promotion weekend... So it was 38$ before tax but I paid 28$ with taxes and shipping for a custom made top. It arrived VERY fast 5 days later! Here is the review I sent them after washing and wearing my top 1 day :

The original top

"I love the color, the material is a medium-thick interlock knit, the quality of the sewing is perfect. I order to my measurements, I am 5'3", (34G) 41-34-41, 165 Lbs.

The bust fits me very well, the waist/hip hem is just too wide for my taste. There is more ease than I would have sewn in a knit (too boxy for my shape ; I need the top to come in below my bust to be more flattering).

I am considering adding thin darts vertically under the bust and taking the side seams in a little.  Meanwhile I will wear it tucked in only.

I would have loved a thin black elasticized sleeve hem or cute cuffs for elbow or 3/4 sleeves...

I love the options for sleeves and length. I wonder why all dresses in poplin are not offered in all colors? Maybe you could ask the customer's preferred fit for knit garments ; this knit top has too much ease for a knit but a similar woven might be fine... The packaging smelled bad (plastic smell) but I washed the top so it all went away..."

I didn't received anything from eShatki, I am just posting my review here in case crazy ladies like me stalk the web to see what they want to buy on someone else before committing to a purchase! ;)

I am not convinced yet that their sizing is good (nor bad), maybe the style was just not the most flattering on me... The real test would be to order a sheath dress without stretch!! I am quite smitten by this one even if it is polyester...

quilted jacquard dress
Diamond quilt jacquard sheath dress


  1. I ordered a dress from there a few years ago. A cute little dress -a lined wool, multi-coloured dots, wide collar. When it arrived it was not wool but some nasty acrylic. The seams weren't pressed open but the hem of the lining had been stitched to the hem of the dress so I couldn't press it properly (and who knows if the acrylic would have ironed properly. There were a few other things that did not impress me, but I can't remember what they are right now. The only good thing was the fit. Then I found out their garments are made off-shore, so who knows what the working conditions are like.
    to say the least, I was terribly disappointed and will never order from them again.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with them! I know they are made in India, but it is true I do not know their working condition... I will try to find out what I can if I decide to give them a try again... It's hard to find anything made in North-America, even fabric... To finish on a good note, my skirt is from Le Château, cotton-spandex and made in Canada :D