Saturday, June 14, 2014

Montreal's Sewing Meetup on St-Hubert Recap

Thank you to all for the wonderful sunny afternoon on St-Hubert! We had so much fun chatting that we didn't have time to see all the stores ; I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! We were warmly welcome at Elle Couture and Tissus St-Hubert and delightfully looked at all their lovely silks! Unfortunately, I took only a couple of pictures as I was too busy enjoying myself!

We started with lunch at a Peruvian Rotisserie and pizzeria. My chicken was great! Then we did a patterns and fabrics swap.

RIGHT : Vicki, Terri, Julie

LEFT : Catherine, Anne-Marie, Shannon, Suzie

I scored some treasures : a superb nice bouclé in my favorite colors from Anne-Marie, a cool sparkly mauve/black stretch fabric from Julie, useful water proof fabric from Terri and a pattern of a dress with colorblocking capability and different cup sizes too! I will bring the remaining patterns and fabrics that didn't find a home during the swap to the next meeting in July...

My swap bounty!

Then we hit St-Hubert street to shop for fabrics :
En cherchant sur Couture Elle en ligne, j'ai trouvé une série d'article en Français à propos des métiers de la couture à Montreal. Ils sont vraiment très intéressants : Reportage - Le fil d'Ariane, étudier le passé pour mieux créer demain.

Reportage sur les métiers de la couture à Montréal

We finished with a drink at the Gainzbar in a super cozy lounging area next to the bay window. The ambiance was nice, the background music soft enough to continue chatting merrily about sewing, travel, food and life! I was again so taken by the conversation that I didn't have any pictures, but I found those on the Gainzbar website... 

Gainzbar - 6289 St-Hubert

Our lounging area!

I kept bothering Terri that she had so much in common with my mother ; travelling, spending time with her grandchildren, sewing, teaching people that doesn't know computer how to use them, etc... Everything except Belly Dancing! ;)

Pour Terri : ma mère, ma soeur et moi l'été passé. ;)

Thank you again for coming to all the lovely lady I met today :

See you on Chabanel next month!


  1. Wish I could have gone too! Looks like a great day! Although I'm not too sure how many stores have quilting cottons, it's always fun to talk fabric! Have fun next month too :)

    1. Hi, on St-Hubert, the best (only) one I know is Effiloché, but on Chabanel, there is no cotton quilting fabric stores - but so much bargain ones that a linen or silk quilt could be done not too expensively maybe!?! ;)