Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 5 of 2013

This post was inspired by Gillian's Top 5 of 2013 post....


I made more than 15 projects in 2013.

Top Hits

  1. My birthday dress (S1882 in blue floral) - I need to fix the broken zipper now!! I bought YKK zipper from now on...
  2. My poplin raspberry dress (S1882 muslin)
  3. Indigo Verso Top - pattern traced from a short sleeve RTW top I love and wear backward.
  4. My Granny panties from Vera Venus - I reach for it every time I wear a skirt or dress... I need more! 
  5. Not sewn projects, but those are Hits for me in 2013 :
    a) I was super happy to attend one and organize another Montreal Sewing Bloggers Meetup!
    b) Also, I am proud of my directory of Montreal's Fabric Stores page. I think is it quite useful, even if only for myself!

Top Misses

  1. My burnout jersey kimono tee : the neckline sagged... I loved it so much, but I taught I could left the edge unfinished and it didn't live thru my laundry regiment of tossing everything in the machine!
  2. My yoke kimono tee ; the neck treatment (FOE, what was I thinking!) in uncomfortable to wear, too tight and stiff at the neckline. I am not sure how to save it...
  3. The other 4 panties I made in the Fantastic Underpants Experiment, because of the elastic choice...
  4. I am not sure about my Tiramisu dress, it is too casual for parties, the fabric piled (ponte, I should not use the washing machine!), the neckline has grown so it gap a little now... I should fix it as I still like it for everyday wear...


Top Inspirations

  1. Coletterie blog!
  2. My Feedly blog feeds...
  3. My facebook sewing group...

Top Reflections

  1. JUST DO IT. I am always afraid to start a projects, ruin fabric, failure... I often end up not starting for fear of not having time to do it, but I should work in small increment. I only have short time to myself anyway.Also, I do not like cutting fabric. Maybe it is because I do not have a big enough table in my sewing room ; I need to set up the kitchen with the table extended at night and be done in one session, because we kinda need the table everyday!
  2. SKILLS : I need to work on my knits finishing techniques ; necklines and elastic choice/application. It is what cause my projects to fail.
  3. FOCUS : I need to close my computer to sew (and generally live!), else I wander aimlessly around the web at any time of the day...

Top Sewing Goals

  1. CAKE : I should sew more cake like my verso top and panties. (every day wearable!)
  2. SERGER : I want to learn to use my new serger!
I cannot be too hard on myself for 2014 : it will be very busy year for me. I will have 2 classes during the winter semester, no car, a traveling husband and a busy schedule as a stay at home mother (one 3 yo at home and one 5 yo in kindergarten).

I think the worst is my everyday battle with the youngest to put all winter gears on to go and get the oldest from school with the long walk there in -30oC weather (going with a stroller 20 min. Back with a walker, at least 30 min)...

In September, my youngest will start school and I will have to finish my master degree and do my thesis full time. So I will have more free time to sew probably only during the summer...

Top 2014 Goals

  1. LIFE : Live the present ; be 100% where I should. When with the kids, be devoted to them ; play more, laugh more, love more. Do the house stuff after bedtime. Do my studies during the 2 nights I have classes and one day during the weekend. Keep time aside to be with my husband and to be alone too.
  2. MIND : Stop sweating the small stuff. I need to find out how to calm down, breath, not worry. I am getting sick because of that. It needs to stop NOW.
  3. BODY : Move and sleep! I always feels better when I move my body, swim, run, dance, walk, play! I cannot live the present and stop worrying when I am exhausted, so I need to go to bed at 22h.


  1. Love your layout! ;) Great hits, especially the raspberry poplin dress. And good luck with the Master's thesis.

    1. Thank you Annie. It is short and sweet, but I like taking time to reflect on the past year. Gillian had a great idea :D

      And do not hesitate to conquer knits - I am a beginner and managed to do it! I still need to get better finished, but I love learning!

  2. Hi Caro! :) I love your great hits. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! There's more info my on blog! :)

    1. Wow! Thank you, I feel so lucky since I love and follow your blog! I will look into it this weekend... Enjoy your Napa wine and picnic! Here it is a red/pink theme supper with my kids and husband... :D

    2. Thank you again Kathy, I like to take time to reflect on why I sew and what I want in life... My post (1 of 2) in regard to the award is here : http://igloovert.blogspot.ca/2014/02/dearest-thanks-for-nomination.html