Sunday, September 8, 2013

Couturières au Musée

Sewing Bloggers at the Museum

Rachel, Valencie, Rhonda, Kitty, Catherine, Vicki, Suzie, Caroline, Shannon, Wendy,
Terri, Diane, Claire, Heather, Louise, Julie
  1. Rachel @ Fox Love Gowns, a professional dressmaker from Vermont
  2. Valencie @ Vigil Auntie Quilter : I thought she was a Photo-bomber! But she is a fellow seamstress that arrived at the museum directly and I didn't realized it in the excitements of the visit...
  3. Rhonda @ PR and Rhotos Rag  
  4. Kitty Daly @ her email, a professional dressmaker from Vermont
  5. Catherine @ Ramble on Cat 
  6. Vicki @ Another Sewing Scientist
  7. Suzie @ Fabric Maverick
  8. Caroline @ Sew Eng.
  9. Shannon @ The Finished Garment
  10. Wendy @ Wendy's World
  11. Terri @ PR
  12. Diane from Montreal Modern Quilt Guild
  13. Claire @ 1 seam at a time   
  14. Heather Lou @ Closet Case Files 
  15. Louise from Montreal Modern Quilt Guild
  16. Julie @ SurMesure on Burdastyle


Thanks for a wonderful afternoon

The pretext was a visit to the Musée du Costume et du Textile de Montréal. First, we had a nice lunch at Bella Vita, chatting merrily! Some were quilters, some were home seamstress and some were even professional dressmakers - but all of us shared the same love for sewing. The fabulous Kitty Dale gave us maps of the Garment District in NYC with a generous invitation to guided us through NYC one day! I was surprised to learn that Kitty and Rachel come to Montreal often to shop for Fabrics ; but they still need to discover the Chabanel and St-Laurent area for its low prices!

Rachel, Shannon, Vicki, Terri, Kitty

Catherine, Suzie, Louise, Diane

Rhonda, Claire, Julie

Then, we walk to the nearby museum for our scheduled guided tour... I genuinely think that the great knowledge of the people of our group render the visit even more informative and pleasing! It was also funny to see us bend over to peek under skirt to discuss petticoat construction details! The guide was kind enough to show us the inside of some of the dresses too. She was very friendly and let us use their lunch room to have our little patterns and fabrics swap. I couldn't have dreamed of better friends to visit this museum than you ladies! Thank you.

We definitely need to have Montreal Sewing Bloggers Meetups regularly! Heather is thinking about showing us the Chabanel and St-Laurent area for fabrics shopping this Spring... Meanwhile, anyone interested to organize a sewing meetups, by all means, please do!

Finally, many thanks to the man of my life who accepted to, again, entertain the kids all alone on a sunny Sunday and made supper so that I would have time to ramble about my afternoon in this post... 

What a great Sunday!


  1. Thank you so much for organising it, was a lovely, interesting and inspiring afternoon. I've done 2 hours of sewing since as it got me in the mood! Also the lady second from the left was with us but said she hadn't RSVP'ed (annoyingly I can't recall her name but she was very nice!)

  2. Oh, I haven't had the opportunity to be introduced to her! That is too bad :( I will investigate then and found out, so she will be included for sure in the next event!! Was nice to meet you Suzie! Thanks!

    1. I found her identity : Valencie from! She emailed me on Sunday but I already had left the house that morning so couldn't answer with my prehistoric mobile phone! I am so glad she made it because I felt bad that I missed her message... :D

  3. Fantastique! I would have loved to see some of the innards too when I visited the Grace Kelly exhibit at the McCord. Very relieved to know that I'm not the only one getting down on my knees to look under dresses! See you all very soon.

  4. Thanks again for organizing - it gets more and more fun every time we get together. Maybe we should do a Frocktails sometime....hmmmm?

    1. Oh Yes! That would be amazing! I would need some heads up since I haven't sew anything fancy yet... But my fabrics stash is already equipped to deal with some frocktails nights!